About The Studio

City On Fire is an award-winning visual communication, design, and transmedia content production studio. We focus on creative direction, strategy, and production for web and interactive, identity branding, sharing marketing, and multi-media content editorial.

We have a experience with diverse clients and projects, particularly those involved with the arts, sustainability, and creative media communities.

We treat you with respect and attention and deliver on our promises. We love to collaborate and our suggestions and project bids are free and honest.

Please contact us to talk.

About The People

City On Fire is small on purpose. Our core staff is just two people: creative director Daniel Perlaky, a design and content production specialist, and lead coder Brian Jones, a web coding and programming wizard.

We augment our skillsets with a trusted network of specialized talent that we utilize specifically for each project, creating a cost-effective and intelligent workflow that's custom-fitted to our clients' actual needs. No more, no less.

To check out some of our other projects go to Daniel's website. And, follow our twitter for snapshot updates.

City on Fire
City on Fire
City on Fire