Tips on How to Impress a Guy

Are you not attracting the right men? Perhaps you’re looking for information on how to impress a guy or what attracts men? When polled real men answered these questions and their answers may just surprise you! If you’re getting nowhere in the dating game and unable to make that connection, you definitely need to learn some of the basic facts about what men find attract and compare this to what you have been doing on your dates.

tips on how to impress a guy

Learn how to impress a guy

What may surprise you is that it is not as hard to learn how to impress a guy as you might think. First things first. You need to work on your confidence level. If you are lacking in confidence, before you even attempt to date, you’ll need to do some work on yourself. The truth is, confident women are something men find attractive. In fact, many women that are less attractive physically date all the really cute guys simply due to their confidence level. Now, arrogance is not confidence, so don’t try that or it will surely backfire!

Learn how to impress a guy – be yourself

Next, if you attempt to do or say things that you think will impress him, you’ll come across as phony, which of course is not something guys find attractive. Therefore, you need to calm down and just be yourself. If the guy’s personality and yours click, terrific, but if it doesn’t or you’re trying to make it ‘fit’ by being someone you’re not, it’s not only a turn off to him, but will make you feel bad in the end. Remember, learning how to impress a guy is not a clear cut, 1-2-3 guidebook that has to be followed precisely. You just need the basics and make them work for you.

Everyone loves to laugh and nothing will impress a man more than a woman with a good sense of humor. After all, when men learn how to impress a woman, he must have a sense of humor or the girl will not give him the time of day. Men also like girls that laugh and can make him laugh. Dates that have a lot of humor and laughter are typically those that will be asked for a second date!

Another tip for how to impress a guy is having goals and living your own life. In other words, what are you doing with your life and where to you hope to be in five years? Living your life as you want and being independent is a very impressive to men since that clearly says, you are not needy and you’re a woman that has a direction in life.

By applying these simple tips and advice, you can rev up your dating life and begin attracting the right guys. Don’t think too much about how to impress a guy, just be yourself, be confident and live your life are all appreciated by the opposite sex.

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