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How To Impress A Woman

Men aren’t born with the automatic knowledge of how to impress a woman. It is often a learned talent that comes with experience from dating and from discovering what has been successful for other men. If you are interested in learning how to impress a woman, the following tips should be helpful with enabling you to woo just about any woman and make her want to get to know you better.

How to impress a woman – Don’t brag

Nothing is more of a turn off to a woman than a man who brags about himself. If you want to know how to impress a woman, ask about her life and interests. If she feels that you’re interested in her, she will be more attracted to you. And the more you ask about her life, the more she will want to know about you, since she is most likely trying to figure out how to attract boys. When she asks about you, this is your cue to talk about yourself, but just not too much.

How to impress a woman – Don’t scare her off

If you expect to get the girl of your dreams in the mood, don’t start out telling her how much you want to have sex right from the beginning. Not only is that a turn-off, but it’s also making it seem as if sex is all you want. If it’s the first date, then most women will not even think about having sex, and it usually isn’t how to impress a woman.

how to impress a woman

Make her laugh – You don’t have to be a professional comedian to make a woman laugh, nor do you have to rack your brain trying to come up with funny things to say throughout the entire night. Charm her by being yourself, and make her laugh with witty, original jokes. Women are attracted to guys who can make them laugh.

Compliment her – subtle compliments are the best in the beginning, as you don’t want to seem too overwhelm her or make her think you’re just trying to butter her up. Look for small things that men find attractive about women. If she has a nice smile, tell her that her smile is nice. If she has lovely eyes, let her know you like her eyes. Women like receiving compliments from men.

What attracts men to women is often what attracts women to men as well. A woman wants someone who is physically attractive, has a great personality and is confident, so if you have these qualities, don’t be nervous or feel pressured. Just relax and remain cool, calm and collected. It’s not difficult to impress a woman, but sometimes if you try too hard, you can end up doing more harm than good by making yourself appear to be someone who you aren’t. Don’t stress out trying to figure out how to impress a woman, because she’s probably just as nervous as she wonders how to impress a guy.

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