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What Men Find Attractive In Women…Really

While you often hear the old adage that she has a “great personality”, there are a lot of women with great personalities sitting home on Saturday nights and wonder what is the thing that men find attractive in a woman other than her sparkling personality. The obvious answer would be a great body, large breasts or long legs. But, in reality, those are comic book answers. Instead, recent survey results show that men find a woman’s smile her most attractive feature.

men find attractive – a smile

A woman’s smile is the come-on sign that most men are looking for. It’s a sign they are not going to be shot down when they go in for approach and that the person is friendly. It’s not usually a smile that they once saw; it’s an on-going smile that seems to constantly be on their face. As the universally accepted sign of friendliness, one who always seems to have a smile on their face is seen to be attractive and friendly, all in one. Men say they love it when the smile reaches the eyes and seems to come from within, not just a grin plastered on the face.

men find attractive – hair

A physical attribute that a large majority of men say they notice first is hair. So if that woman with a great smile also happens to have clean, shiny hair, she’s bound to be one that men find attractive. While long hair is loved by men everywhere, having shoulder length hair that is full, bouncy and soft to touch is also appreciated. While many think blonds attract more men, it’s simply not the case. Hair color is a specific preference and most tend to pick the same color haired women as their mom’s. Experts, advice not to go changing your hair color just to attract a man. Instead, concentrate on keeping it healthy, well-trimmed and stylish.

 men find attractive

While not a physical characteristic, men find women who are good listeners, attractive. If a woman will listen to them, appear empathetic and interested in what they have to say, a guy will see them as attractive. Many women feel they have to have all the same interests as a particular guy, but that’s simply not the case. Instead, she should be interested in learning about his interests and give him a chance to talk about them. If she then becomes interested in learning them, that’s just an added bonus.

The saying, “different strokes for different folks” is definitely true when it comes to what men find attractive, but more than anything, the one thing that men find more attractive than anything else is a girl who’s interested in him. Show him your interest, smile and listen to what he has to say. This is the thing that men find attractive more than anything else and from there, they are putty in your hands.

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