Its No Mystery What Attracts Women To Men

When they’re on the playground, little girls instinctively know how to attract boys. When they become women, they know how to impress a guy. Males, on the other hand, tend to have to learn. It may be many years before they learn what attracts women to men. It doesn’t seem like such a big mystery because women are consistent with the things that draw them to men. Just like beauty is one of the things men find attractive, a woman likes a fit man. When they’re teenagers, they have posters of the hunks of the day on their walls.

what attracts women to men – a great body

A six pack is what attracts women to men, rather than a flabby belly. Men have to find the time to exercise. A great smile goes along with the six-pack. No one likes dingy teeth or smelly breath. Women also prefer a man who dresses well. You don’t have to have expensive clothes, but a neat, classic wardrobe is attractive. While a man is never guilty of too much exercise, you can be guilty of too much grooming. Women don’t like manicured nails and too much hair gel. A woman doesn’t want a man who appears to spend as much time on maintenance as she does.

 what attracts women to men

what attracts women to men – chivalry

Women are drawn to men who like kids. She knows the man would make a good father, should they become a couple. Chivalry is what attracts women to men. Ever wonder why so many women are drawn to policemen and firemen. Throughout history the hero always got the girl. A hardworking man won’t have a problem finding a date. Women like nice things and a successful man is more likely to be able to give her things. No woman wants a man who seems to have no direction in life. Can you spell boring? Everyone needs a good laugh, so a good sense of humor is also what attracts women to men. Men who like to laugh and laugh at themselves seem to be more confident. A good sense of humor sends out good vibes.

Character plays a major role in what attracts women to men. A woman tends to prefer a man that everybody likes. When a woman hears people saying, “he’s such a honest man,” they want to meet the man. People, in general, tend to prefer individuals who are honest, trustworthy and loyal. These traits make for a great personality. An important thing for a man to remember–no excessive drinking or smoking. These days, women may find smoking a turn-off because it has a negative connotation. Too much booze often makes a man act differently than he normally would. Some of these actions are not attractive, like violence and cursing. It’s not difficult to figure out what attracts women to men–men should think of what their mother might like and these two things have a lot in common.

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